Here's how it works


  • Agree that your book will be translated.
  • Grant the English rights to America Star Books for 3 years.
  • Lean back while your book is going to be translated and published in America!
  • Receive royalties on all sold books twice every year in February and August.


  • Translate the book into English and if necessary, we attract resources for a better understanding of what you wanted to convey, leaving the author's style, using best writing services.
  • Publish the translated book in America, Canada and Great Britain.
  • List the translated book with the world's largest book distributor, Ingram, so that it is available to all American bookstores, including Barnes and Noble, and also to,,,,,,, and
  • List the translated book with Gardners and Bertrams in Britain, so that it is available to all bookstores in England, Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales.
  • Inform American media when we release the translated book. We also inform newspapers in the author's home town area.
  • Offer the promotional services of our Special Services department, which are optional at all times. No author is ever under any obligation or expectation to participate in, and/or contribute to, book promotion and/or advertising.
  • Pay you royalties twice each year, in February and August: 8% of the sales price for the first 500 sold copies, 12% for the next 1,500 copies, 25% for the next 3,000 copies, and after 5,000 copies have been sold: 50%. We don't pay advances, but we pay for everything else.