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"I love hearing the stories on how our authors got their start, helping them reach their goals by assisting them in marketing plans, and I get to make them happy, every day!"
Sarah Freitas - Special Services team

"My co-workers have become like family. We all work together to provide our authors with exemplary publications. It is truly amazing to witness a group of people, like us at America Star Books, striving to make others' dreams come true. I LOVE my job!"
Sarah Balukoff, ASB Promotions

"Working at America Star Books, I've had the opportunity to travel to book events around the world and experience just how alive and well the reading community is worldwide, to this very day. Meeting individuals (both authors and industry professionals alike) from all corners of the globe, I've found that books have the power to bridge the gaps between a wide variety of cultures and ideas, and I don't know of a single publisher more dedicated to this than ASB."
Kerrin Wuchter, ASB Events Manager

"America Star Books is a friendly and fun company that has encourages my personal growth. Coming from a background in fine arts has lent a hand in my development as a graphic designer, but I couldn't have done it without the helpfulness and knowledge of our staff. This is the perfect job suited for my passions and skills and I'm happy to play a part in the company."
Megan Batcheller, ASB Promotions designer

"Working for America Star Books is easy because I believe in our mission of making it possible for as many individuals as possible who want to become a published author to achieve their dream. This is done through the dedication and hard work of each and every employee, and by keeping becoming a published author at zero cost. We offerour authors multiple opportunities to gain additional promotion and marketing at low cost. At no time is one of our authors ever expected to pay or purchase anything. We simply want to give our authors every opportunity that we can while still keeping cost low. We have been able to do this through the efficient and dedicated work of our employees. I am proud to be a part of such a team."
Caroline Inabinett, Order Fulfillment

"At America Star Books, we get to work with budding authors and help to bring their creation to life. I have worked with over 10,000 authors worldwide, and each time I seek to exceed their expectations."
Anthony Saavedra – Cover and Text editor

"Something new is always happening so my work keeps me on my toes. The office is a real family setting; everyone does care about one another and it makes the work day a fun one."
Jackie Velnoskey – Director, ASB Promotions

We are the new America Star Books. Run by its employees, from the bottom up. We're introducing some of them here. If you need help creating lore, characters, or general plot points or how to find inspiration for your writing, please contact our partners: Top-Papers.com.

The company has a management, but there's not much top-down going on at America Star Books. Our team is close-knit, we have survived a bad economy and a failed printing experiment together (after printing a million books in-house, we decided that others could do it more efficiently, and cheaper..). And we have navigated the hurdles, obstacles, and roadblocks that come with being a true pioneer.

Established in '99, in fundamental ways we have been the first to attack and breach the walls of what used to be an elite industry. We have challenged entrenched powers. Google us, and see how they have reacted: rocks, mud, lawsuits. We won, they lost. Because at America Star Books, we're Davids. Goliaths don't scare us. We have the people on our side.

60,000 times we have published authors for free, as in: absolutely free.
4,000 times we have translated foreign books into English and published them in America, again at no cost to the authors, a record.
Our new book marketing and promotion arm, ASB Promotions, embraces self-published authors. That gate opened September '15: already we're approaching our first 1,000 joiners, at the fastest growth rate we have ever seen.

We are America Star Books, and ABS Promotions. You can find us in Frederick, Maryland, 15 minutes south of, where else, Camp David.