We put a lot of effort into publishing books, it's not just our job, but also our desire to contribute to the cultural discourse through publishing. After all, essayswriters.com from https://essayswriters.com/ can help you with texts, as well as experience, through reading, but we do something else, we help books get their readers.

Here's what our authors say about our efforts:

I would like to thank you for the efficiency. The text is great. Thank you for the opportunity. I´m very happy and satisfied with your work! I hope it becomes a success!

Gisele de Assis | US Title: Between Love and Sacrifice, Original title: Entre o Amor e o Sacrifício, Brazil.

Mijn boek is een half jaar geleden al vertaald, ik heb zelfs al exemplaren in huis en aan meerdere boekevenementen meegedaan. Het ziet er fantastisch uit, ik ben blij met de mogelijkheid die jullie bieden om de subtiele kracht van klankzang vertaald te krijgen in The Subtle Power of Soundsong!

Titia ten Bosch | US Title: The Subtle Power of Soundsong, Original title: De subtiele kracht van klankzang, Nederland.

I am grateful for the opportunity.

Alex Prates | Oque Dizer Sobre Elas, Brazil.

It is an honor for me to know that my poems may have an effect in the hearts of lovers of literature readers. Thanks for the great gift.

Maria Noemia de Almeida | Eu Sou a Poesia, Brazil.

I can say that I finished my year of 2013 with a flourish.

Alexandra Collazo | Poemas Para o Coração!, Brazil.

I look forward to the opportunity to publish a book with my name. It's a dream. It is fantastic. I will do everything possible to accomplish this.

Danniel Siolline | Charmming Island, Brazil.

Thank you for the opportunity to fulfill a dream.

Simone Andrade | Relacione-se com o Espírito Santo, Brazil.

Thank you very much for sending me the translation (text and cover) of my book. You have done a wonderful job! Thank you very much for all the effort and energy you have put into it.

Josefine Adriaans | The Hidden People, Netherlands.

I have presented my translated book to the American Bookstore in Amsterdam and The Hague. In both stores it was received very positive. Even in Amsterdam they have submitted my book in their collection. […] the American Bookstore is so enthusiastic. They want to promote it in all kinds of ways.

Kagib | US Title: Knowing the Heart, Original title: Weten in het hart, Nederland.

Het boekje ziet er ook in het Engels prachtig uit. We hebben hier en daar een paar kleine puntjes voor verandering aangegeven maar het verder aan jullie overgelaten. Ik ben heel benieuwd naar het resultaat en ik voel me best wel trots op deze vertaling!

Doortje Dijkgraaf | US Title: Coming Home to Maartenhuis, Original title: Thuiskomen in het Maartenhuis, Nederland.

Ik heb inmiddels mijn vertaalde boek "Het lijk voor het stadhuis" per e-mail ontvangen. Ik ben het aan het nalopen. Het ziet er fantastisch uit. Ik vind dat het realistisch vertaald wordt.

Joost Visbeen | US Title: The Corpse of the Town Hall, Original title: Het lijk voor het stadhuis, Nederland.

I can't tell you how happy I am that [you have] decided to publish my book. I have long been waiting for a miraculous opportunity like this, thank you so much.

Amen Edokpolo | Elements of Romance, Nigeria.

Once again, I can't hide my joy that a reputable company like yours is given me the opportunity of having my voice in print, to become an author. Have a great day.

Joshua Akwudike | Mom, Mitchell Refuses to Play with Me, Nigeria.

I am so glad to have a contact with your organization and would be happy to see my dream come reality by seeing my books read all over the world,with your organization printing it.

Prince Olamide Oni | The Power of Praising The Most High, Nigeria.

It is really good to hear this good news, that is a miracle for me. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to get my book published. I am so much grateful.

Ferenkeh Tarawally | A Transforming Sierra Leone, Switzerland.