Facts and Figures

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FACT #1: America Star Books has published over 60,000 books since 1999. Among them over 3,000 books written by foreign authors in a foreign language that we have translated into English for publication in the United States.

FACT #2: We charge no, as in: zero, author fees in our standard contract. The entire process of preparing a book's final manuscript for production, and of formatting, custom designing, and illustrating the pages and cover, and of making them available to bookstores worldwide, is absolutely free. We translate from foreign languages into English also for free.

FACT #3: Our marketing&promotion arm, ASB Promotions, works with self-published and indy authors who benefit from our á-la-carte services. Each service is optional, as is subscribing/unsubscribing to/from our mailing list. ASB Promotions attend book fairs, trade shows, and book festivals at home and abroad, to promote books and/or authors, or seek to draw the attention of select vendors and/or media, including film and TV, or attempt to sell foreign rights to foreign publishers, etcetera. Our promotional service fees are among the most affordable in the industry.

FACT #4: America Star Books is a traditional, royalty paying publisher. The author is never obligated or expected to pull their wallet to make any purchase whatsoever.

FACT #5: Authors are encouraged to get involved in the promotion of their books. ASB Promotions offers optional assistance.

FACT #6: Bookstores order America Star Books titles every day. Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com typically list all America Star Books titles.

FACT #7: Our art department custom designs all book covers. We take author provided suggestions and ideas into serious consideration. We know our authors want quality, and we produce quality.

FACT #8: Movie rights, audio rights, TV rights, merchandising rights, the copyright all remain the author's. We are only interested in publishing rights, unless an author requests that we also carry the dramatic rights for negotiating with third parties on the author's behalf.

FACT #9: America Star Books has converted thousands of books into e-books for Amazon's Kindle, Apple's iBook,Barnes and Noble's Nook, Kobo, and Google's e-book store, typically at a fee.

FACT #10: Always remember: having a book in publication alone does not make a bestseller. Don't enter the publishing world with false, unrealistic expectations.